Friday, July 26, 2002

A slower day today, but a busy day! I developed a SPLITTING headache whilst working up 6 (count 'em SIX) different application pages to teach at a major knitting expo - one page per course proposal. Cross your fingers for me, I love the teaching and I'd like to make it a full time career if I can manage it! Unfortunately, all of this thinking and writing this afternoon really set off the headache to SINGING like a Diva. Teaching, as with anything worthwhile, has it's hard and stressful parts.

I want to have my OWN knitting retreat for funky, open minded and kind hearted knitters who like to schmooze as much as they like to knit. Any takers?

After stumbling through application hell all afternoon my amazing and wonderful hubby made the most delicious dinner of salmon, rice and peas, then I conked out (headache and all) only to awake as he was working his way up to bed.

I'm working on FINALLY updating our family gallery webpage. Here I sit, 1:40 in the morning, headache still buzzing mildly and knowing that I must return to bed if I'm going to be in a fit state to deal with the middle schoolers who attend the creative arts camp where I teach Drama this summer. They're writing their own play - sort of an "Into The Woods" theme - and my small, little group of 5 is just amazing! The earlier group this year had 14 students - also a wonderful group, but very different in personality and energy. What a lesson for me this summer has been!

I'd love to teach them knitting!
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