Monday, July 29, 2002

Well, I just wrote a long, lovely musing on free lance knit design and the small money that is there - but it's disappeared (hmmmm - how odd...)

The main gist was that this past weekend G worked afternoons/evenings on Fri, Sat & Sun - it was hot, hot, hot and the kids were just being - well, kids.

By the way, it's hot today

The kids so great, but it's so hot and I have two major deadlines coming up TODAY! I truly enjoy knitting with wire on these hot days SO MUCH MORE than knitting with something that gets sweat marks or is an animal fibre! Bring on da wire, bring on da beads! The cat thew up on my daughter's camp bag. Life is grand.

The headache remains - it hovers over my head like a bowl of cream of wheat. Maybe we should just rent a big old beach house in October and fill it full of knitters who can cook (or order out?) We'll share expenses, share meals, and the only criteria is that everyone has to come ready to teach someone else something interesting (like single note harmonica playing, or different ways of decreasing...) What say yous?
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