Thursday, August 08, 2002

Another perfect day in South Orange, NJ!

This not having health insurance is for the birds. I've had a strong pain in my side for the past few days - I think it might be adhesions from my surgery - but the doctor is not a possibility at this point. Actually, I will give her a call today and see if I could see her anyway.

Spent most of yesterday visiting Pins & Needles in Princeton (where I'll be teaching two classes this fall - both on Monday afternoons) then off for a shopping extravaganza. I swear, the less money I have the more I want to spend. Seriously, I did get great deals on everything I bought, and it was all stuff that the kids need for school. Several skirts and pairs of pants for Hannah, a shirt, pants, tie, socks, underwear and a hat for Max. Okay, okay, I did get a dress for me, but it was $21 at Talbots! All told, the damage was around $60 for everything (LOVE that Children's Place Outlet on Route 27!)

Knitting wise - oh, yeah... Finished a hemp tote bag yesterday, I'm going to throw it in the washer today to soften it up and see if I can't make it nicer. I still have to fashion a handle for it - I'd love to make a leather one somehow...

I also reworked one of my Universal Chair Seats in the rainbow twine that I mentioned a few days ago - it's KICKY!
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