Thursday, August 01, 2002

J'ai Fatigue

My worst fears have come true - I'm sucked into Big Brother. This is intense. I hate these people - they'd rip me apart if I were in that house. Weird. Actually - I'm turning over to NBC to watch Scrubs, so I guess Big Brother doesn't have my soul (yet)

I want to ban telephone calls to my home. I don't mean telemarketers, I mean friends. I love my friends, but when they call I spend half the conversation explaining to them that, "Yes, I'm okay - even if I do sound down/sad/tired/asleep - I'm just really low energy right now!" It takes so much energy to deal with the phone calls and allay their fears.

And - oddly - I'm finding that some folks take it personally when you're not able to be up, bright and happy-sounding on the phone. They say, "What's WRONG with you?" or "Are you ALRIGHT?" in an accusatory way - I think I'm just tired. Never mind. Listen - if you were going to call me, just email, okay?

I'm currently working on a few designs for some snowboarder hats (dude!) - checking out some stuff on the web and this one is hands down my favorite so far. In my wanderings on a German skiboard site I saw, "Klick hier!" and just laughed and laughed. I don't really know why it struck me as so funny. Tired I guess.
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