Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Oh, how we danced...

Today is my 9th Wedding Anniversary! I can't believe it's been 9 years. This is supposed to be the "leather" anniversary - hmmmmm. Shoes? Wallet? Whip?

I've been working on the wire stuff, did half a mockup for a fur coat (knitted) and it's SO groovy! And, of course, the jewelry. Busy, busy, busy. I also worked up a very cool sexy knitted fur piece that you'll find more about when the website KNITTY is open for business! BTW, visit Dangerous Chunky for an amazing weblog experience. Stunning.

On the romantic knitting front - here's a photo of my knit wedding dress. I worked the horseshoe lace tunic up in rayon chenille with french knots and hand sewn pearls as accents.

Based loosely on Bess Truman's Wedding Dress
She was a bride in her 30's with a rather thick waist, too! Why make oneself miserable by pretending to be a size 6 on the happiest day of one's life?

Love me, love my butt.
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