Tuesday, August 06, 2002

When the weather is this good I can do ANYTHING!

Today is the open house at the Creative Arts Camp where I teach - we're doing an original production that the kids have written and I'm SO proud of them. It's kind of a Harry Potter meets Into The Woods - I'm just finishing up one of the costume pieces now.

Knitting wise I've had so many false starts in the past few days. I keep getting terrific ideas, then when I'm halfway through I think they suck. So I rip them out - and when the ball is re-rolled I think, "You know, that wasn't really such a bad idea..." So then I'm back to zero. I'm trying to get a few really great, funky, unusual knit ideas together as a proposal for a knitting book I'm working on, but it's harder than I anticipated.

I really feel the difficulty has lain (laid?) in large part in the exhaustive heat. This isn't a stellar year for me healthwise, but I'm definitely doing better on the cooler days. Today I feel amazing, and I'm looking forward to getting some great strides made in my projects this afternoon in the cool, cool backyard while the kids play! I'm also working up some ideas for Knitting Now and just learned I'll be doing a few new (and very unusual) projects for Interweave Knits (an amazing magazine - check it out!)

Speaking of checking it out - maybe we CAN work out a weekend slumber party with knitting? We all should get pedicures because you can knit while you're getting one! I got one yesterday (the first in months - I'm feeling a little guilty) and knit all the way through it! (of course, I ripped out what I'd knit...)
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