Friday, September 20, 2002

Have I told you lately...

Just how tired I am? I know, I sound like a broken record!! I'm run down, and my cousin and a few friends think it may be my Thyroid. I had a blood test on Tuesday, so I should hear very soon what the results are. To be honest, I'm really sort of hoping I do have a thyroid problem - that way I'll know what's causing my constant exhaustion, hunger, nausea, hot and cold spells and confusion.

Oh, and weight gain.

I'm so proud of amy and hope to follow her lead in the weight department - AFTER I get some synthoid! I swear, I'm eating pretty much nothing, and have been all summer, but I'm just gaining like a maniac. Sheesh.

Oh - knitting - I sent off 12 sketches today to one editorial entity, and have about that amount to send to another one next week. Got back EVERYTHING I'd submitted to another - not one thing taken. Shoot. But I know that some of the best stuff I've done was in that batch, so it's a matter of having the right design in place at the right time - not really a reflection on my designs. Yeah, right.

First night of intermediate knitting class last night - 2 couldn't make it so we were a light class, but fun. I don't think my students quite knew what to make of me, but I think they walked out feeling pretty good about their newfound ability to decrease with a left AND a right slant, and a new knowledge of how to 'read' a stitch. Yeah, right.
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