Saturday, September 28, 2002

Indian Summer

Is there anything more fun than learning or teaching? Well, to a Methodist, at least? I've been teaching this week - last night I had such an exciting private lesson with a new student, who picked up the knitting in an AMAZINGLY short amount of time. I taught her more in an hour than I've taught some students in weeks! FUN!

Of course, on Mondays and Wednesdays I'm attending a Real Estate Class that promises - in 75 short hours - to give me the skills to pass the RE Licensing Exam. A friend feels that I'd be a good referral agent, and maybe she's right -so I'm being "sponsored" in the class and it's a very good opportunity. The stuff is dry, but interesting in it's own way - the teacher is another matter.

I always feel a little suspcious of someone who starts off by telling the class (5 times) what a "GREAT!" teacher she is. Hmmmm - maybe if she says it enough we'll all believe her? She seems to take great delight in being "tough" - If you're late because you had an accident, don't tell me - I don't care... well, obviously. She doesn't like to answer questions - if she's asked something that she's unsure of she'll change the subject.

Of course, much of my sourness toward her stems from the fact that she tried to make me put my knitting away the first night. I challenged her - Knitting helps me think better, I can concentrate more clearly when my hands are busy, and I can do it quietly so no one will even know I'm knitting... but for a while there she wasn't going to back down.

Until I told her that there was no way I could sit through 3 hours of class twice a week for 10 weeks with no knitting.

Now I knit in class - and when I ask a question that she doesn't seem eager to answer, Why does it say in the book that a Veteran can be exempt from certain training requirements, but on the quiz the answer is that a Veteran can be exempt from licensing fees - are both true? she changes the subject by asking, Are you knitting tonight? Is the sky blue? Nine weeks to go!
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