Saturday, September 28, 2002

Time to change the depends!

I wandered over to Knitting Curmodgeon's site - LOVE that wench - and found a link to the Dialectizer. What a figgin' hoot! I dialectized my last post - and here's a portion of it some different vernaculars:

Redneck: Knittin' he'ps me reckon better, ah can corncentrate mo'e clearly when mah han's is busy, an' ah can does it quietly so no one will even knows ah's knittin'...

Cockney: Knittin' 'elps me fink better, I can concentrate more clearly wen me 'ands are busy, and I can do it quietly so no geezer will even know I'm bloody well knittin'...

Pig Latin: Ittingknay elpshay emay inkthay etterbay, Iyay ancay oncentratecay oremay earlyclay enwhay ymay andshay areyay usybay, andyay Iyay ancay oday ityay uietlyqay osay onay oneyay illway evenyay owknay I'myay ittingknay...

This makes me laugh!
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