Monday, September 02, 2002

Update update

I want to update my blogger, but it's being a bit weird so here's my attempt!

Lots of rain + bad headcold = lots of knitting. I love the rain so much - it's soothing, calming, and I don't have to worry about getting a sunburn. Also, I can work outside in the garden without the bees and wasps - and weeds are SO much easier to pull in the rain. Love the rain - I should move to the great NorthWest, huh?

Theatrical Vests
The crocheted vest is on hold until I meet with the designer - hmmmm. I hope I can wrap my mind around what she wants - the mind reading part is really the hardest. Better make sure my turban is fitting well before I go. Maybe I should go to Red Lipstick and get a Turbanado?

The other colorwork vest is finished - lots of work, but lots of fun! I knit it in the round and used steeks for the first time - woo hoo! She liked my stitch patterns so she decided to use just about all of them from the swatches - I had kind of thought she'd just pick one. Oh, well!

Here's a look at the vest and at the colorwork schematic that was sent back when I sent the designer my swatches.

The sails are coming along nicely - I've got one to go (the big one) and I'm about 12 feet into it. I have to switch twine, so I'm toying with the idea of switching stitch patterns at the same time so it looks like I intended it. Hmmmm. I need to think hard about this one.

Wire Work
I'm putting the finishing touches on a few wire objects for Interweave Knits - stay tuned! They're so much FUN to knit!

Yes, I'm making fur. Fur, fur, fur. Hmmm, if I mix this with the knitted hoo hoo (below) I could really have something terrible. Sorry folks, it's the suphedrine talking. And all of that testosterone that I've been taking in my HRT. Anyway, I'm working on a faux fur piece, knitted - mais oui! - and it promised to be a real hoot!

I said hoot, NOT hoo!
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