Tuesday, September 10, 2002

we are all one / we are al one

I've been so tired the last few days - not much posting! I had an absolutely wonderful birthday party on Saturday (thanks Gerry!) Sunday was the opening of the Essex Exposed Art show. In between I did some knitting - mostly things for the B'way show, a few items for editorial. Lots of instuction writing, charting, patterning this weekend - boring and tedious, but it has to be done (and has a certain beauty in and of itself.)

I am finding it hard to focus this week, but I think that's due in large part to the whole 9/11 madness. I swear, I expect to see a 9/11 sale ("You can't spell Supersale without U.S.A!")

Who does the media think they're helping with all of this continuous, wrenching coverage ("Tonight on Dateline, an intimate portraite of the brave dental hygenists who cleaned the teeth of the lost heros") I'll answer my own question - they think they'll help their ratings.

To those of us who have lost friends, jobs, ways of life in the tragedy - to those of us who LIVE within view of the giant hole in the sky that was the World Trade Center, a little quiet respect would speak volumes.

Back to my knitting. Cheaper than therapy!
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