Monday, October 28, 2002

Back to my recurring Real Estate Nightmare

Tonight is Monday. All day I dread that class. Ick. I spent a few hours studying the textbook (reading the phone book is more interesting) and almost missed picking up my daughter at the bus stop. We're having a test tonight. So far I've averaged between 70 - 80% on all of the tests, but as I lose steam in the class I lose focus.

Last Wednesday my evil teacher singled me out for some prime haw-hawing. She thinks it's funny to point out to a student how stupid their question is - I think it stifles free exchange of ideas, but what do I know? Hey, as long as she gets a laugh, who cares who's expense it's at? Besides, I didn't think my question was THAT stupid.

Tonight my head is staying down and I'm knitting a sock while I think of creative ways to avoid answering questions or answering them. I've stopped taking anything larger than a sleeve or sock to knit because it becomes an item of comment and - sadly - ridicule. This woman doesn't have a very happy life, and it shows.

I've launched a new blog for my kids - here it is! I'm taking questions from readers (as if I have any pool of mothering knowledge to draw from!!)
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