Friday, October 04, 2002

Even Steven

I loved that Seinfeld where he realized that every time something bad happened to him, something equally good would counteract it. That's how I feel today.

Bad Thing
I was referred for a job with a party planning place - spoke to the woman on the phone and she 'booked' me for today. Silly me, I thought it would be like stylist stuff - but it turned out to be a lot of heavy lifting, carrying, etc. Not usually a problem, but with my total exhaustion it's out of my ability right now.

After a few hours I asked the boss if I could do something less stressfull, she said, "Yeah, I heard you heaving and sighing over there..." she sort of created a scene, drawing attention to the fact that I didn't 'want' to do the heavy work, grudgingly allowed that I could 'sit and tie bows' and - at that point ladies - I felt so embarressed in front of the other workers that I told her regretfully I'd have to call it a day. Nope, I won't be stacking chairs in THIS town again, that's for sure.

Good Thing
I got a call from one of my editors that they've accepted a few of my pieces for an upcoming issue. It was so good that I got the call today - a nice balance. And it's a cool project, and a groovy editor who trusts me to use my best judgement to create a third piece to go with two others that I've submitted. Lovely!

And speaking of even, my amazing husband evened out the hillock of dirt in front of our home where we'd pulled out a few bushes last month. Okay, he pulled out the bushes. I want to put a pergola in place there to dress up the front of the house and give us some shade from the scorching afternoon sun.
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