Thursday, October 31, 2002

Sore Throat

But, sadly, it's never stopped me from talking! I just had two of my intermediate students over for a class on finishing - what fun! Really! All of you who think you don't like finishing - well, it's better than sex. Seriously. I guess that's a sad commentary on my Methodist childhood, and I should probably leave it alone at this point.

It's so great to see people learn new things - it's addictive. I stop people on the street and show them how to cable with no cable needle (my husband swears I'll get shot one day - a sad case of "knit rage")

My throat, and the accompanying bad cold have left me tired and a little cranky. Pissy is another word for it. I'm not in the best mood. I'm out there, man. Dude (that's for Jen). At any rate, I can't go to WV to see my cousin for a few days - not until I'm totally well. The chemo causes his immune system to hardly work at all, so a cold could be quite serious. I can't even visit my other relatives down there because heaven forbid I get one of them sick, and they pass it on - too terrible to think.

I'm hoping that my Tues I'll be well enough to drive down to Parkersburg and visit him. Oy.
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