Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Whatever doesn't kill us...

This has been a year and three quarters. Sometimes I wonder if my overwhelming, constant exhaustion isn't partly a physical reaction to the mental and emotional stress this year's wrought.

As some of you know, we've been battling cancer in our family - several of us in various ways - and just when you're looking hard over one edge of the horizon to try to read the future a twister comes in from behind and starts exploding houses and throwing cows around.

My mom's doing better - I'm doing better - but my cousin Tommy (more like a brother than a cousin) is in very bad shape after being diagnosed just a little over a month ago with cancer in his abdomen. Just out of the blue - he's 63 - who would have thought? Apparently they have to stop chemo and the doctor feels he has a few weeks. Weeks. I think I should feel more pissed off but I'm too tired. Just a waste of precious time and energy.

I'll be going down to WV next week to spend some time with him and my cousin, Jan (his sister) and his wife, Joyce - and my other cousins, relatives, well-wishers, friends and just to hear the venacular.

Knitting wise - hmmm - finished an oversized man's sweater for Knitting Now, but hated the neckline so I ripped out the last few inches and I'm reworking it. Finished some chair seats for a friend's book and just got started on a body clinging pullover for another friend's book. Gearing up for some jewelry knitting (wee!) and I'm so glad to have the work to keep my hands and mind busy.

The timing belt went out on the car.
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