Monday, November 25, 2002

I should be studying...

But I'm taking a break to post this:

The swatch shows the "wrapping" effect from
diagonally placed YO's & corresponding decreases.
Originally I envisioned the collar portion
in bright jewel tones (lots of red) and gold.

It's the original concept for the Egyptian Collar that's in the current Winter 2002 Knitters. My original idea was for a long dress or tunic knit with traveling YO shaping so it had a wrapped look (referencing Egyptian silhouettes) knit in white linen (another nod to ancient Egypt, with which I'm fascinated!) I've read so much on this in the past week that I thought it might be interesting for you to see the genesis (dare I say Exodus?) of a design!

The neckline was to be short row shaping which would leave all of the stitches on the needle so the collar could be worked in the round when the front and back were joined. I was a little sorry to get the note saying that only the collar would be accepted, but no editorial decision is easy and having our designs altered a bit is all part of the hand knit design game. I still think this would be a killer resort-wear dress or long tunic - very sexy and also (I think) quite flattering on a variety of body types due to the simple shaping and tromp l'oeil faux "wrapping".
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