Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Your input is invited...

Hey fellow (and sister) knitters -

I'm sending in a bunch of submissions on Monday - as always, acceptance of my designs is a crap shoot based in equal parts on 1)What I'm able to come up with, 2) What the mags are looking for, 3)The phases of the moon and 4)What the editor had for breakfast.

With all of the comments I've been reading lately about the Winter issues of the major magazines I though, Why not go directly to the source for input on what the average knitter would like to see in a mag?

Now, not that you guys are the average bunch of knitters, but if you had your choice What would YOU like to see when you pick up the Winter 2004 issues of the major knitting magazines?

Design victimization aside - what sorts of things make you salivate and say to yourself, I absolutely must get some fabulous yarn and knit this baby up! The beauty of asking this question is that everyone will have a different knitting detail that turns them on, a different shape of garment that gets their hearts a-pounding, but c'mon guys - YOU are the reason the mags are printed in the first place!

Hey - here's an idea - after you post here and please, DO post here! I'd love to have your input! why not write to the major mags and tell them what you'd like to see in upcoming issues!

Interweave Knits
Vogue Knitting
Knitting Now

Que pense?
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