Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Busy End of Year

It's better to be busy than to be bored.

I have several projects that are due either the first of second week of Jan, and the ubiquitous submissions for various 'zines and publications sprinkled throughout the holiday week. I'm getting excited about our trip, and at the same time dreading the inevitable packing nightmare, travel stress, family tensions, deadline fever and general exhaustion. Life out of balance? Naaaaah.

About my mysterious post earlier - this has been a year of doors closing and window opening (or vice versa) - I'm not sure EXACTLY what I meant by it, except that perhaps breaks with some folks / entities are for the best because they open new opportunities for new associations. Or maybe I'm just vamping.

One door that's closed and locked and will never open is the baby door. Or, rather, the giving birth door. I found myself getting absolutely misty about seeing a friend's feminine hygiene products in her shopping bag the other day - is that sick or what? I know this isn't about knitting per se (but isn't EVERYTHING about knittingż) but a chapter of my life is definitely over - for better and for worse - odd that it's taken 6 months for this reality to sink in, huh?

Oy - rainy, sleety day and I'm being terribly self obsessed. Let me tell you what fun I had yesterday... I visited with a magnificent friend and we did some finishing work (she makes me laugh - she's 4 years younger than my mom - I'd love to get the two of them together!) THEN I took the train into the city and knit, a pleasure to knit on a train. THEN I went to Habu Textiles in the city and bought some fun stuff - Bamboo, Pine and Paper yarn & fine silver wire. THEN I went to ALLCRAFT (same building as Habu, 4th floor) and bought some heavy and thin gaugecopper wire for gift jewelry) THEN I walked down to 17th street and stopped at an interesting shop called Beads of Paradise - what a great selection! - and bought some terrific Peridot and Blue Topaz - hey - who knew it was the Texas State Gem??

Finally I reached my destination - Java & Jazz for a NYC Stitch & Bitch Session. I haven't been since my birthday (Sept 3) and it was nice to just sit and knit with hip chicks. Oy - I'm so unhip.
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