Friday, January 31, 2003

5 Years Ago Today...

I delivered my beautiful, bouncing baby boy - 11 pound Maxie!

And, just to answer any questions; 1) No, I didn't have gestational diabetes, I'm 6' tall so I have big kids - and 2) I didn't have any meds (because I'm insane!)

Today will be a celebration all day - party at preschool, celebratory train ride from South Orange to Summit with two friends for pizza and preparations for tomorrow's very low-key birthday party! I love you, Maxie!

A boy and his camel

Today I go to my daughter's school to start teaching knitting to some of the kids there - sort of a 'get to know you' day - what fun! I bought some colorful twine because I've discovered that sometimes twine is easier to learn on (you can see the stitches better...)

Some AMAZING Muench yarn arrived today - Merino Soft - it's for an editorial and I am in heaven! I'm waiting for the 2nd color, I'm doing a wacky, groovy mixing thing with two strands of fingering weight yarn and I'm SO psyched. I love what I do!
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