Friday, January 24, 2003

Cool Beads!

Check THIS out for some fun!

And - this just in - - -

I just received some really nice comments from a yarn company design head. Not a guarantee that I'll be selling any designs to them in this go-round, but when the "committee" meets (it sounds so official) I think I'll at least be in the running for some stuff. Inch by inch. Some days I feel like I'm not getting anywhere - then I consider that I do have as much designing and knitting work as I can handle right now, which is better than the alternative!

I had a long talk with a friend today - all about a new scarf business she's trying to get going, just chat about business in general. She has such energy and I feel like I'm lacking that very precious commodity right now. It was a good conversation.

I told her my two goals for this year are;

1) Exposure - Getting my profile up a bit so that I will be invited/asked/allowed to teach at some national venues like this and this or this

2) Publishing A serious book consideration by a publisher would be nice.

I may not make both goals, but it's better to strive than just survive!

I just did 30 situps. I'm going a bit stir crazy with not getting out for my daily walk in this 2 F weather - so, so, so cold. I did walk a mile on Thursday to take the train into the city to try to be chosen to get a free makover on the TODAY show (no, they didn't pick me) and ended up in the audience of the Caroline Rhea show (I was knitting - she made a joke about it in her opening monologue). My big day out - woo hoo! I am a girl who knows how to live on the frigid edge!
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