Friday, January 10, 2003

First, some knitting!

A friend's coming over today to see my "studio" - what a grand word for a dining room full of yarn! I should take a photo of my office (12' x 6' room) and post it - I certainly get as much as one CAN out of limited space!

Last night I finished an adorable Porkpie Hat - ribbon and lace and just so cute! It's for Cast On, so you'll be seeing it soon. I've been experimenting with double knitting eyelash and suede for a shearling effect - the problem with doing stuff that's so out there is that it's hard to find ONE yarn manuf. who makes a wide enough variety of yarns to cover an entire wacky project! Oh, well, a girl can dream...

TNNA is happening out in CA and I'm seriously thinking of going to the one in Ohio (when is that, June?) I think it's time to really start getting noticed, get myself out there more - if I ever expect to publish a book on Combination Knitting (or knitting chairs, millinery, etc.) then I have to get out there and RAISE MY PROFILE. What I'm doing is fine, but I need to set a few long-term design goals, too.

Now for something political (what is UP with me these days...?)

Words Fail Me

I sit here in stunned silence.

Read this and think about how much YOUR family could buy with $425K a year and this and think of the thousands of families destroyed by AIDS every year

And finally, Joe Bergman, quoted in an editorial by Bob Herbert, says it much more eloquently that I could:

"I don't know if we can change the heart of C.E.O.'s into thinking, `Well, you know, I'm getting $30 million, but I can save some jobs if I give back $15 million and live on just $15 million this year.' They never think like that. And until they begin to think like that, we'll be at their mercy."
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