Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Imperfect Knitting for an Imperfect World

There are deadlines that I sweat over, stress over - make myself nauseus over - and then there are deadlines that are sweet. Finally reaching the end. I turned in sketches and swatches for two magazines this week, one deadline was the former, one was the latter - but I'm glad both are behind me!

One more deadline today, then two next week.

Update on the screw up sweater - I received the box yesterday (I still have to open it - I want to wait until I can really sit down with it this evening) and I'll be repairing it and making some trim changes to the front opening. I'm glad I have a chance to make the changes, as much for my psyche as for the money or the exposure. Oh, and then there's the little matter of trying to keep a reputation as one who will try to correct her mistakes.

I used to hear my mom talk about folks who, "Were LOVED by everyone..." or "Didn't have an enemy in the world..." and - even as a small child - I'd think, "How in the world can ANYONE be loved by EVERYONE?" I still feel that way.

I know folks who are really great people - worthy of huge love and respect - but everyone is going to piss off someone sometime, that's just the reality of life.

Once I'd realized and accepted this, I felt a lot freer - it made a great shift in my entire life focus. Instead of trying to be perfect - to make NO mistakes - to be loved by EVERYONE, I began to embrace the missteps I'd made as proof of my beautiful humanity. I can't say that I love the pain that a mistake can cause, but I do love the process of working through them, learning from them, growing to be a broader person.

So - back to my imperfect knitting!
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