Wednesday, January 29, 2003

My class amazes me

I just love my knitting class - they're so great! Last week I threw cabling at them, not reall expecting all of them to get it, not really expecting MOST of them to get it - but they came through! You should have seen what Jen and Athena did (well, they ARE masters) What a terrific class. My fears are that 1) I'm too wacky - can't seem to tone it down and 2) The class is too elementary for the more advanced knitters.

At any rate, they're all doing MAGNIFICENT projects for the class - from cabled sweaters to lace scarves, felted booties and bags (thanks, Knitty!) and just plain, simple, fun sweaters!

I did a mongo internet search for discount yarns - and Chick Knits once again is the best source for the discount links! Anyway, I did the searches to find yarns for my students - I am as excited about their projects as they (hopefully!) are!

And a shameless plug - I have two items in the current Interweave Knits. It was so fun to see them last night (thanks Jen!) and, as usual, Melanie's put together an eclectic and super magazine with so much for EVERY knitter. Go get this issue - the cover sweater alone is worth the price of admission! PLUS there's a great article on BLOGS (knitting blogs, ladies...) and THAT'S a great thing to read!!
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