Monday, January 20, 2003

Trouble Connecting

We had to switch from Direct TV DSL to Verizon DSL today because Direct TV's gone out of business (or, at least their DSL division has...) so I'm writing from my husband's laptop. He has a router that we had been using to split our DSL signal among the several computers in our household so I could access the internet from my office, or he could plug his laptop into the DSL from the sofa in the living room, our bed or his office - a great setup!

Unfortunately, Verizon is having a hard time communicating with our router - so we're able to get DSL in one computer, but not having such good luck getting the signal to the other computers! I'm confident that he'll work it out because - well - he's a genius!

Spent a great day yesterday with a knitting friend reworking some chairs, then spent a lot of today reswatching an idea and thinking up some new ones. I have knitting to get to, but I really want to do something for ME now - a sweater, a bag - maybe a pair of socks? I want something for ME!

Tomorrow's my class - I'm looking forward to it! 2 weeks ago 7 of my 10 class members didn't knit - as of last week EVERYONE was ribbing, some we cabling and everyone else was doing twisted stitches. This week we're going to tackle cables for EVERYONE and then regress to garter stitch (I teach weird, I don't get to garter stitch until I know my students know which way their stitches are "facing" when their on the needle)

I also want to start a little colorwork for them - that could be fun, too! It's a sensational class - really great students - I can't wait to see what they come up with for their projects!
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