Monday, February 24, 2003

Can ANYONE help me figure out these darned archives?? They're making me MENTAL!

I have so much work in front of me - and a cold is coming on (hot tea! echinacia!) The IK sweater is coming along well, I love the Muench Merino Soft so much! What fun it is to knit - that yarn has a better memory that I do! (well, the yarn didn't have a radical hysterectomy last year...)

After reworking the back three times I whipped through the front in record time and now I'm on the sleeves. It's not really as fas as it sounds, it's a yoked sweater so after I "finish" the sleeves then I have the larger task of marrying decreases with cables - Math, what fun! (I'm such a Virgo)

I'll be putting some new patterns for sale up soon, I'll have another one in the freebie box if everything goes well so stay tuned!!

I just ran across this AMAZING knitted polymer clay while browsing Lynn's ColorJoy blog.
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