Monday, February 03, 2003

Back to the old Grind!

Except we're out of coffee. Rats!

We were shaken by the tragedy this weekend - and, oddly, numb in a certain way. It certainly feels different than the Challenger tragedy. Too much water under the bridge? I hope the astronauts didn't know what was happening - I hope it just happened.

On a personal note, Saturday was also Max's 5th birthday party. The day of Hannah's 5th birthday was the day we went to war with Afghanistan. We have no more 5th birthdays coming up and the nation is relieved.

I'm trying to develop a more business-like rhythm to my work routine. Instead of being on the computer at any and all hours, knitting deep into the night, etc., I'm going to try to keep myself to a morning/computer; afternoon/patterning, meetings & shopping; evenings/knitting schedule and see if it helps or hinders my productivity. This is only a test! I'm organized enough that even when I appear to be 'winging it' I've actually worked out a game plan that is invisible to the naked (non Virgo) eye.

It occurs to me that as the kids get older it will become important that they're able to count on me being in a certain area / doing a certain thing at a specific time (or, maybe not...) Gerry has no definite schedule - he freelances (when he can get work - it's incredibly slim pickings here in the NYC area right now) so we never know from day to day whether he'll be home or not. And if he is working we never really know what his schedule will be.

I'm also redesigning my web site to include patterns for sale - I'll start with a few items that have appeared on KnitNet and some other favorites. If it goes well I may put kits together. I'll be happy to hear your feedback as I move along into this grand adventure.

I'm coming into a bunch of work over the next few weeks - well, two (maybe three) sweaters are definite, with others following up behind if I'm lucky.
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