Thursday, February 06, 2003


I rarely post pics of my current published items, but I am so darned (nay, damned!) proud of this piece and the sensational job IK did in styling, photographing it - and the exceptional generosity they showed in publishing such a LONG pattern (not really HARD, just lengthy...)

Raccoon Swing Jacket

I loved playing with the Sandesgarn Funny yarn - I've done a few things in it and I love the fact that it's WASHABLE and has such a nice weight when knit up. I worked this side to side in panels using short row shaping to create "pelts" (gussets that were wider at the bottom than the top) - this is what made it have the nice swing and shape. In between the pelts I did two rows of garter stitch to give it a nicer drape and make it hang better.

I couldn't wait to receive my tearsheets in the mail - I had to run out and buy this (I got the last issue - three other places I'd visited were sold out - it's such a terrific issue all over! The cover sweater {VIP Cardigan by Charlotte Morris} is AMAZING!) This will be a collectors issue, I'm certain.

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