Friday, March 21, 2003

Hannah Celebrates Spring!

... and now back to our previously scheduled knitting...

I've been getting a lot of knitted jewelry ready for the Art in the Park craft show at Anderson Park in Upper Montclair on May 10th. It will be my first real craft show (I did the Quilt and Craft Fair in South Orange in December, but that was a different kind of event where items were sold in a boutique atmosphere)

Working on a lot of pieces is a great way to perfect design elements to make them easy for others to repeat in instruction or kit form. I've hesitated making knitted and crocheted jewelry kits because so much of the technique is specialized, but I'll have three wire necklaces in the next Interweave Knits so I feel it would behoove me to get some kits together for sale.

I'm also going to take some of my nicer stuff (my couture line? Pleeese!) to Henri Bendels on April 14th for the Designer Open Call. I'm going with a friend who does knit scarves - hopefully we'll get in and get a good reception.

Atticus had a trim. I bought a Canon S200 Elph. Here's proof of both:

Gerry said we traded in our dog.
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