Tuesday, March 04, 2003

Peggy Phlegm

I got really smart and thought I'd make the kids a skating rink in our backyard. What kind of moron am I? (wait, don't answer that...) Now, if I could KNIT the skating rink...

It might help if I'd actually made the rink when it was FREEZING instead of the day before our temps soared to 40F - oh, well! Maybe the grass will be REALLY green in that part of the yard..?

Hows' this for a lutz?
Tonight is my knitting class - love these days -

I definitely will be teaching at the CT Sheep & Fiber Fest - the last weekend in April. I'll be teaching a class on Intarsia on 4/27 in the morning and another class on Knitting Lace on 4/27 in the afternoon - come on by and take the class(es)!!

Stitch by stitch, row by row - that's what makes our sweater grow!
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