Friday, April 25, 2003

Mea Culpa

The only thing worse than missing a mistake when you've gone over the pattern 15 times is having a professional pattern writer miss the SAME mistake and send it to press!

Yes, it's the Raccoon Sleeve! And NOW we finally know what the problem is! Both IK and I neglected to include instructions for filling in the "V" in the center of the sleeve pattern. Oh, yeah, only the MOST important part. And, oddly, the smallest section of the instructions!

If you'd like to see the corrected sleeve please click here for updated instructions and an animated gif showing how the sleeve construction works. It's weird, but terrific!

Yesterday I had a new knitting student and she was sensational - so open minded - she picked up everything I threw at her and left having mastered Combination Style and cabling without a needle! I get so much energy from a lesson session like that - fabulous!

I've missed my Sunday knitting class so much - for the past two weeks we haven' t met due to holidays and traveling - but this week we'll meet again (albeit with one MIA).

NEW CLASS - Next Saturday (May 3) I'll be starting a Technique Sampler Bag class at my home from 11:00am to 1:00pm - it will run for 6 sessions (7 weeks, we'll skip 3/10) and everyone in the class will make their own tote bag and learn a few tricks in the process! The cost is $75 for the class, email me to register and for a list of fibers you might consider to make your bag. Fee does not include materials.

NEW WORKSHOP - The Sunday after that, May 18th, I'll be leading a knitted chair workshop at the Newark Museum. Students will bring their own chairframes (minus the seat) and together we'll create knitted seats for them out of twine, attach the seats to the chairs and perhaps even block a few of them with boiling water (if we have time...) It's a really fun class - and very mind opening! Register by clicking here

This is the Stalk of Wheat chairseat

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