Monday, April 14, 2003

Would you like to accompany me to Funky-town?

And the verdict is - not funky enough.

The buyer at Bendels who saw me said, "Oh, I already HAVE a girl who does crochet (?!)" - and, about the hats, "We're trying to move away from the larger hats... to things that are more funky..."

Having said that, it was a very good experience - very worth doing! My friend picked me up at 5:00 (bless her heart!) and we drove straight in to NYC. Parked the car a few blocks from Bendels and we were 30th and 31st in line - woohoo! We met some really nice folks in line - stood there until 9:10 - then the line moved into the building 10 folks at a time. 30 Minutes after we went in we were out, but the buyer I saw DID give me her business card so I could send her photos of some of my funkier hats that I had at home.

We also visited a few other choice locations and had success in getting buyer/contact information from several of the stores. All in all it was worthwhile and a good education - I'm really glad we did it.

However, not famous yet! I'd settle for rich.
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