Saturday, May 17, 2003

Class Again!

Today we FINALLY have the 2nd class of our Sampler Bag Class. I wish the 2 week break since the last class hadn't been necessary, but circumstances alters cats (as my grandmother used to say...) but last week being the craft show and all, it would have been pretty near impossible to have class.

I'm excited to see what the class members have done in the past two weeks. They're all supposed to be finished with the bag bottoms and read to pick up the stitches around the sides - we'll see... Gerry just ran out and got bagels for the class - he's such a mensch!

Still trying to work up some hat ideas. They have to be quick and easy to knit because I may be farming these out to other knitters if I begin making them for retail. If they could be hard, time consuming, etc. that wouldn't be a problem! But simple AND stylish - well, we all know that's the rub!
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