Wednesday, May 28, 2003

It shouldn't bother me...

But it does. I'm a small person. Well, not a small person - you know what I mean... I got the Stitches catalog today - Stitches East in Atlantic City. New Jersey. (Hey - I'm from Jersey! Exit 14)

It still stings a bit to be told that I don't have enough "prime time teaching experience..." to be considered as an instructor for one of the classes. I know some of the instructors they've hired as first-timers this time - they're all great - but I have at least as much teaching experience as they have. Just not at a national venue. Oy.

On the up side I'm getting many emails every day about the Combination Method. My husband wants to make a video/cd of the technique. I'd just like to have a chance to teach it on a larger scale and 'legitimize it' myself.

I'm feeling a bit defeated today. Call me Sissyphus - pushing that ball of yarn up the hill. Speaking of "up", how do you like the new pop up window?

I'd ask for comments on this, but my yakks code isn't working again. Damn. Well, there's always email.
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