Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Preparations for Craft Fair

The shopping bags are here, I just picked up my order form - I'm finishing up earrings and bracelets and working out ways to display them! I have the canopy, my parter in this endeavor has the table - we're getting ready!

Here's how I've decided to show off my hats. I'm not going to sell them at the craft fair, but will take orders for them. They're labor intensive, so I don't really want to make a bunch of them without knowing what might sell well...

As far as the bracelets and earrings - jewelry - I'm just making whatever moves me and I'll decide (based on what sells) which styles I should pursue.

Here's my makeshift display for the jewelry -

Yes, those are knitting needles...

And here is how I'm going to display the hats -

Vaguely "Lord of the Flies" - but I like it...

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