Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Feast or Famine

I either publish lengthy, wordy entries on consecutive days or ignore you good folks altogether. I guess that's okay, it keeps the blog centered on what I had intended - the rhythm of my knitting life.

We're having a yard sale this weekend - it's a multi family affair and it's to raise money to pay for the recent campaign of our friend who ran for Village President (I guess the fact we're opening our garage up to the public is a sign that we lost the election...) Gerry actually volunteered our house for the sale, thus it's his job to clean the garage and prepare us for the fête.

Of course, this is the only week in the past few months where he's working EVERY DAY so that slows down his progress - that plus the major toothache he's dealing with. Poor Gerry. He was at the dentist on Friday, started feeling pain on Saturday night and saw the dentist again yesterday morning - infected. He picked up his antibiotics on the way to work last evening (he's doing the evening shift at Fox - Teleprompter) and I'm hopeful that his pain will have abated somewhat. Toothache pain is the WORST!

While waiting for the yarn last week I worked up a little lace dress for my friend's baby girl - I'm also thinking of making her one of my Aline bags in pink and green (the color of the annoucement) for MOM - babies get everything!

A dress for little Samantha
Euroflax Linen - Washable!

for marilyn...
I haven't tried this out yet, but if my calcuations are correct it should give you an illusion knitting shroud of turin

Suitable for any washcloth. Go forth and knit - then let me know if it works out...
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