Wednesday, June 11, 2003


At least, I would be if I cut all of my needles up and sold them for bracelets. Check this out!

Actually, I think it's kind of neat - but at $170 it's a little too rich for my aluminium blood. Hell, I won't even spring for more than $6 for a circ needle - but I'm a trifle parsimonious. However, if you're feeling flush and want to get this for some blogger you're sweet on, order Linda Seebauer's bracelet here.

Oh - and a word about the colorwork I keep posting ... It's for an editoral, my own design (I like to work up my own stuff when it's intricate), and I'd probably better stop uploading photos of it because it's going beyond the "hey - look at this swatch!" stage. Sorry, dear readers, you'll have to buy the mag to see it again in a full shot (but I reserve the right to post detail shots here) I'll keep you posted on what issue and what mag it's running in.
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