Wednesday, June 25, 2003

New Class Starts Today

And it's my first time teaching at the new yarn store in Maplewood, Knit & Stitch over the movie theatre on Maplewood Avenue

I'm looking forward to the class - it's the sample bag class and I just finished a session last week. I always learn so much when I teach! This past session I learned that the hemp bags take slightly longer than the wool to work up (makes sense, wool knits faster on the whole than hemp does...)

I also learned - or reinforced to myself - that synchronized knitting is not the best teaching route. Everyone knits so differently - some are speedy in texture but laborious in lace, some folks are detail oriented and some just want to get the project done. Some folks have a hard time being happy with the stuff they knit -even if it's beautiful! - and need some gentle nudging to remind them what an amazing thing they've done by creating a beautiful and useful item with their own hands and imagination.

Maybe I'll start this class by asking each person to knit up a swatch - just to see how they knit? The bottom of the bag is like a big swatch - worked in garter - we should get through that today...
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