Friday, June 06, 2003

Teensy, tiny, needles...

Yes, I know that many of you work on quad-oughts (0000's) needles, but I seldom ramble far below a US 5. Here I am doing an entire CARDIGAN on size 3's (3-1/4mm) and it's making me slightly nuts. Lots of colorwork. Here's a shot of the start (I did this last night) Let's all see how fast Annie can work this baby up because she's on deadline with it!

280 sts, 10 rows so far...

The comments are back - yahoo! And I'm looking forward to the next KNITTY because - yes - once again I have a pattern in it! Yahoo again!

Yesterday was Maxie's preschool graduation - I cried - and in the afternoon was his Kindergarden orientation - I didn't cry.

Here's my little man in his Talbot's Kids disco suit and his most amazing preschool teacher!

Hannah fell and hurt her knee this weekend and - as mentioned in the previous entry - it's infected. The medicine seems to be working, but it's still sore. She fell on it yesterday and it was PAINFUL for the poor thing. Today is Field Day at her school and it's also Max's school picnic so I'm keeping Han out (she's not going to miss anything but sitting on the sidelines all day while the other kids get to play the games she can't) - she can go to the park with us and swing at least!

Somehow in the midsts of this I have to get more knitting done. Yipes!
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