Monday, July 21, 2003

Link Love

I love reading other blogs - they're so diverse, so - for the most part - interesting in every-day ways.

Well, I'm the sort of person who can spend HOURS pouring over discovered letters from folks I never knew who died years ago, so no wonder I like to read little tiny glimpses into other lives of folks I don't 'know'

Several years ago - a couple of years after we'd moved into our present home which we'd bought from the woman who'd lived here since 1933 - I went to a house sale about 25 miles away. In the attic I found a box of old dress patterns and letters that I bought for around $5. The patterns were really wonderful, a collection of nice 1930's styles, but the real treasure were the letters, which was a correspondence between a woman away on a trip to NJ and the man who would become her husband back home in Chicago.

detail from a special delivery stamp

What is odd, amazing and a little freaky about the letters is that the ones sent to the wife, Pauline, were addressed to a home just a block from where I live. The letters are dated throughout 1933, and in some of them "Bridge parties" with neighbors are mentioned. It makes me wonder if Pauline and the woman who owned our house ever met - ever played bridge... It's especially odd considering that I found these letters at a house sale so far from my home - about 4 towns over. Life is very funny.

But back to the blogs... Wendy's is one of my favorites. Mostly because she's just such a damned good knitter and technician, and also because she is so generous with her knowledge and her tips.

Her recent contest asking for fiber festivals has been especially helpful to me - thanks Wendy. Here's the list for those who may have missed it...
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