Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Pergola - Step 1


For years I've wanted a pergola in front of the house. Well, I can't say that we're putting one in anytime soon, but we're moving ahead to step 1 of the grand master plan!

The stone 'patio' porch in front of the house will be laid tomorrow. I've bought a pallet of stone, a cubic yard of gravel dust (to be delivered tomorrow) and at roughly the same time the delivery is occuring a handyman we've hired will be here to work with Gerry and make this a reality. I take it as a good sign that the day I made the arrangements (and paid for all of this) a check arrived for a sweater that I'd forgotton I hadn't been paid for.

Here's a link to instructions for our planned front patio

It makes me happy that we'll get this first step done before we go on vacation. Also, as an indication of how long it had been since I'd weeded our front area, a kernal from my decorative corn bundle hanging on our front door somehow got into our garden area and started growing. Yes, we had a stalk of corn growing just about knee high when I pulled it. We've planted it out back and are hoping that it will actually give us an ear.

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