Sunday, July 27, 2003


The week of preparation for the trip is starting! First mapping the route - from South Orange to Stamford (to visit Knit Together, a new shop that's opened there) then on to Cambridge (to visit the Cambridge Artists Coop to see my bracelets) and on north of Boston to stay overnight. The next day we'll try to hook up with friends from Newberryport (maybe we'll see them the night before - plans still being made...) and then on to the vacation cottage via Clara's Window. I like breaking up the trip, and it's much nicer to do the trip in short legs when traveling with kids and a DOG!

Yes, Atticus is coming with us and Gerry said the other day, "You'll be a king of Maine!" As far as I know he's neither read nor seen Cider House Rules (one of my favorite books) so his comment was entirely in earnest. Atticus WILL be a King of Maine. After last year we can't bear to take a vacation without our doggie - not one at a cabin where dogs are allowed - not after seeing how beautifully he travelled all the way down to Dallas and back!

I stopped into a yarn shop in Belmar, I thought it would be good to check out the lay of the land and see what would be around during the Retreat. Obviously the owner is loved, her shop is well stocked (perhaps a little too well stocked - I could barely navigate the shop because of the huge boxes of yarn strewn about and yarn lying on the floor)

Being a Virgo this was the 4th level of hell for me (I showed admirable restraint in not immediately rearranging the shelves, sorting the yarn.)
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