Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Too hot to ______

You fill in the blank.

So hot. However, I did vacuum, do the laundry and generally clean today. So much for the clutter. I also submitted a few scarf ideas for a book - they were well received which is nice. I am dreaming of the vacation cabin in Maine and KNOW that it can't begin to live up to the expectations I'm cooking up.

Yesterday the beach was amazing - just amazing. Exactly what was needed, wanted, required. I returned home to find Hannah FRIED from her visit to our neighboring community pool (they don't have shade like we do, so the kids - with 45 spf - fry) Tomorrow we'll do our pool with the huge, towering oaks. I'll take a pic and make you all jealous of fabulous South Orange!

Then there's this:

"A pink slip can make someone invisible.
And political"

This just in

Save Head Start!

This terrific program is the careful watering and nurturing we need to turn our children into helpful, promising and contributing citizens. This is a program that truly helps those who need it most.
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