Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Unemployed 4 Dean!

Well, it was inevitable. You can visit our new site - which is still in process (not a lot of useful links there yet...) and look at the lovely graphics I've designed! There's also a link to the right to our cafepress store (proceeds will be donated to the DeanforAmerica campaign)

Mama Liz came up with the concept, it's so odd (and cool) to be working on this with several other folks who I've never met in person!

Great wire knitting class today - we made necklaces! I want to offer the pattern online for you guys to check out. Here it is in pdf format:

Easy Wire Necklace PDF

Let me know how the pattern works out for you - you'll need some wire, beads, size 4 & 5 needles (aluminum, old rotton ones work well). Look at the instructions for a full rundown!
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