Wednesday, September 17, 2003


I be thankin' the fine, fine grey-eyed wench Athena for sendin' me this grand an' glorious link Arrr. Yarrr. Arrgh.

Well, now that my throat's clear, I'm happy to announce that the nautical sweater (arrrgh) was well received by CO.

It's funny - I make the design, get the commission from a venue, receive the yarn, write the pattern and knit the garment and send it off. Then I worry. I worry that the editor won't like the finished garment, that there are details that aren't what was expected, or that the editor is having a bad day and hates everything that comes in that afternoon.

It's nice to get a "your sweater's cute" note along with a request to purchase another design and an article. Woo hoo!

And, as I was just discussing with fellow parent and free-lancer Tomm at the bus stop, waiting for the money is murder. One can feel so rich when selling the designs - then my checks start bouncing...

Generally the rule of thumb with most magazines is they won't pay until the sweater runs (usually about a year after they purchase the design). And many magazines have a 'no run' clause that states if the sweater doesn't run for ANY reason (lack of room in the mag, editors choice, etc.) then a reduced fee is paid.

The upshot is until a magazine actually goes to press I can't count on receiving the fee - and even then it may take months and months to actually get the check in my hot little hands. Glamorous, no?
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