Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Have bull, looking for horns...

Sadly, so many knitting teachers I know have been telling me that their classes are going unfilled this fall. I don't know if it's the sluggish economy, or whether folks are just reluctant to give up Summer when it seemed so short (and wet!) but it makes me sad to hear it!

My own outside classes (not taught in my home) have had slow registration this fall, too. Several have had to cancel. Each class has had a few knitters in them, but not enough for a class. It seems a waste when - if I put all of the classes together - I'd have at least ONE good class between them!

I'm taking the bull by the horns and I'm offering a new class in my home on Tuesdays evenings from 10/7 - 11/25, 7:30 - 9:30pm. It will be an 8 week class ($80 per person) and will be GOAL oriented. So far I have three folks signed up and I have room for 7.

I want to try a new tact this time - I'd like to have each student tell me what their own goal is for the class and together we'll work to achieve it. So bring your half finished sweaters, projects you've been longing to tackle, and your desire to master lace and we'll send you out the door with your goal (hopefully) realized by Thanksgiving!

I've always hated synchronized knitting, so this may work out to be the best kind of class. It sort of is how I have been teaching for the past year, anyway!

An older friend asked me today if I'd start an afternoon class because it's so hard for her and her friends to get out at night (driving is difficult for her after dark). I'm kicking this idea around, too - and thinking that Thursday or Tuesday afternoon around 1:00 might be a good time for a day class. Que pense?

If you have any questions or suggestions I'd love to hear them!
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