Sunday, October 26, 2003

Knit Together

I really like the name of John and Joy's store up in Stamford - and it's such a terrific new shop - one of the nicest new yarn shops I've ever been in!

Physically it's a lovely space - large, bright, airy with plenty of huge windows and natural light that make selecting colors a pleasure. J&J are obviously taking great pains to make sure the staff they hire are not just fiber lovers, but people lovers, too!

Instead of teaching a couple of classes there I ended up hanging out all day holding sort of a drop in session for anyone who wandered by and wanted to know how to make "those cool leaves!" or "that wild i-cord cast on!" That gave me a lot of time to see the interaction between the Knit Together staff and their many customers, and it was impressive!

It also gave me a chance to meet some friends I'd only met online (Hi A!) I guess I shouldn't be so stunned when folks recognize me - how many very tall women with red hair do you meet every day?

They're still building up their stock, but what they have is extensive and would probably fill any need that a knitter has. The wonderful thing is they're totally open to hearing about a yarn that a knitter suggests and will consider stocking it to 'try it out.' They have a wonderful pattern corner with instructions intelligently cataloged into binders, a sofa and a few comfortable wicker chairs.

Every exchange I witnessed was marked with respect and professionalism. The folks I saw teaching students individually (Liz and Clea) were very patient and supportive. I wish I lived closer to Stamford so I could hang out at Knit Together more! It was a pleasure to teach at such a terrific shop!

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