Sunday, October 12, 2003


I'm in Dallas now until Tuesday - this time I flew (airfares were cheaper if I waited a week - BTW, the bereavement fares are a joke - they're 1/2 of the FULL fare on a flight - therefore they start at $600!)

Yesterday was sorting day. My sister in law and I went through my brother's closet(s) and sorted a bunch of stuff that had belonged to him, to my father, etc. His high school jacket (Whitmer) and his jean jacket cut-off vest (Harley-Davidson) were two things I really wanted to keep. Most of the stuff is sorted in piles for friends, brothers, goodwill - I think the hard part of going through each piece is finally finished, though.

It was very hard for Karen. I'm still on auto-pilot -a nd it's made easier by the fact that I'm not in my own home (the pain feels stronger when I'm at home - here I'm just kind of numb)
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