Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Travel Again

I'm returning to Dallas for a week or so to be with Mom and Karen, so I'll probably be laying low blog-wise. I will have access to my email and the internet, so I'll be happy to correspond with anyone who has a question or comment.

Still numb - I realize I'm shocked, but not terribly surprised. Jim had high blood pressure and wasn't taking great care of himself - but no one expects this to happen at 44. Obviously we'll be trying to make sense of this for years. Maybe forever.

I love work - I love the routine and the satisfaction. I love having something else on my mind along with my overwhelming grief.

Thank god for work.

Work, feed thyself
to thine own powers appeal
nor whine out woes
thine own right hand can heal

That was written along the outside main stairway at my college, Denison U. I always loved that.
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