Monday, November 24, 2003

Bag Mania!

I just finished a cute little bag that will be in next Summer IK - adorable! Any of you who've seen me running from knitting event to knitting class have probably seen a hemp version of this bag that I drag everywhere I go. It's a simple, striped bag knit in the round with two pockets and a couple of childrens wooden toys thrown in for good measure. One of my students made an incredible purple and yellow version of this bag last summer - it's a blast to work up and a good learning experience for a knitter who needs a fun project to take them over the hump from beginner to advanced beginner!

I don't think I'm allowed to post a photo of the bag here, but I can post a piece of it:

I'm in the enviable position of having several interesting projects* to work up (a toy tea set, a cool surplice top, a tank top in Rowan cotton glace and a variety of sketches/swatches for Spirit Trail) I have a long week streching in front of me and a husband who's a bang-up cook and will cover most of the heavy lifting for T-day! The only fly in the ointment is the fact that Gerry's sad he'll only be cooking for our family of 4 - two of whom won't really eat turkey.

Invitation: Anyone in our area who's "orphaned" and is looking for a nice T-day feast, give us a shout, we most likely have room (and it will make Gerry very happy...)

I took a yoga class last week - it was terrific but in one of the balances I twisted my knee funny and it's really become a problem. I've had bad knees since I ripped ligaments in both legs in high school and repeated that feat in college, so it wasn't the yoga per se. I should know by now that walking and swimming are the safest exercises for me to indulge in. So I'm keeping the knee up and iced - and it gives me an excuse to stay on my bottom for an extended period of time while I finish some of the knitting projects!

*When I was a child I remember the highest praise my mom could award anything was her own seal of approval, "Lookit this, kids, it's innerstin!"

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