Friday, November 28, 2003


I never, not in a MILLION years, imagined that I'd be up at 6:00 going to Toys R Us to buy ANYTHING the day after Thanksgiving. It's against so much of what I believe in - yada yada yada - I've made it a point NEVER to shop the day after Christmas.


Max needs a bike. I mean, he needs a bike! He's outgrown his current one (a hand me down from some neighbors) and he LOVES bike riding. He's also getting no small amount of grief from the neighbor kids who all have mongoose bikes (whatever they might be) and that makes him sad. It makes me want to have a talking to with the kids, but - they're just being kids - and that's no reason to try to keep up with the Jones kids.

Anyway - just about everyone I know is getting a knit gift this year, but you can't knit a bike! Also, because mom knits ALL the time, I think some of the magic of getting a knit item is a bit diminished. So there I was, out at Toys R Us this morning at 7:00 am, buying a bike for 50% off. (It really was an amazing deal - it cost about what I was going to spend on a 2nd hand bike)

Now I have to figure out how to knit an "American Girl" doll. Hannah's pining for Kit Kittredge, but somehow I know it's not as vital as a new bike is to Max (plus it's twice as expensive, and I have a HUGE problem with a doll who is supposed to be a child of the depression that equals 4 weeks of my mother's factory worker salary in 1936)

My goal is to spend less than $100 this year for gifts.
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